Sven Popovic

Sven Popovic

*1989 in Zagreb. Published short stories: Bez vrata, bez kucanja (Anthology of young Croatian writers, 2012) ), Record Stories (2011) and various magazines and webzines (Quorum, Zarez, Arteist). Freelance journalist (Zarez, Aktual, Wespennest), album and book reviews. Student of comparative literature, American studies and Chinese at the Zagreb University of Humanities and Social Sciences. Short story collection to be published by Meandar in 2015.

Short Stories

The happy and dead. And other stories

To be published by Meandar, Zagreb 2015.

“In addition to the skill of one-handed tie tying, he had also developed a sense of apathy towards each and every aspect of his life. The understanding that he was dead came to him with no shock whatsoever, and he continued to sip his coffee, having already managed to tie his tie. On his way out from the apartment, his wife reminded him to take out the garbage.”

(from: The happy and dead, Engl. translation available)


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