Paula Bomer

Paula Bomer

Paula Bomer grew up in South Bend, Indiana. Her fiction has appeared in Open City, The Mississippi Review, Fiction, New York Tyrant and elsewhere. Publications: Baby (Word Riot Press 2010; Open House Verlag, Germany 2014); 9 months (Soho Press 2012), Inside Madeleine (Soho Press 2014).

BABY (Word Riot Press 2010)

“Reading Baby & Other Stories is like being attacked by a rabid dog—and feeling grateful for it. This is some of the rawest and most urgent writing I can remember encountering.”
Jonathan Franzen

“In 10 raw and angry stories, Bomer flays the idea of happy little families, givingreaders an assortment of emasculated and discarded husbands; brooding, unfulfilled wives; and the poor children–destined for therapy–unlucky enough to bind them. (…) Bomer’s characters spew many ungracious thoughts, but these are forthright, hilarious, and honest (…). This lacerating take on marriage and motherhood is not one to share with the Mommy and Me group.“ Publishers Weekly

“A worthy, if challenging, entry into the genre of transgressional fiction.” Kirkus Reviews

„Words like ‘tough’ and ‘honest’ don’t quite do justice to the fiction of Paula Bomer. These stories bleed, yes, but that’s because they brawl. The real housewives of Bomerworld break themselves and break your heart and yet never completely lose their soulful dignity.”
Sam Lypsite, author of The Ask

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