Maria Regina Heinitz

Maria Regina Heinitz

Born 1968 in Isny. Studies in German Language, Literature and French, interrupted. Artbuyer and photo producer. Poetry Slams, living room- and tea-leaves-readings. Publications: Ziegel – Hamburger Jahrbuch für Literatur (2010/2011). Kaffee. Satz. Lesen 1-12 (anthology, ‚Unter Mördern’). Literature sponsorship award, Hamburg department of culture. Debut novel `When summer lost one of its colors’, Bloomsbury Berlin Verlag 2014.

When summer lost one of its colors

Bloomsbury Berlin Verlag 2014.

A wonderfully bright and comforting family story about love and responsibility and about the art of growing up without losing the magic of childhood.

On a carefree day in the summer of 1976 Bénédicte finds her mother Aimée in her studio – she has tried to kill herself. Shortly afterwards her father moves with her and her younger brother, Marcel, to Westphalia. He is to become the director of a medical clinic there. He responds evasively to questions about their mother; at least she writes them letters. Brother and sister explore the many rooms of the old villa and the enchanted garden on the fringes of the clinic. When school begins and Bénédicte becomes friends with the highly gifted Susi Engel who can listen like no one else and knows everything about politics, the Red Army Faction and sex. And she falls in love with Mischa of the racing bike. She travels with him to Hamburg to the opening of her mother’s exhibition. She doesn’t encounter her Mum, as hoped, but she does discover a painting that reveals her long-kept secret abode. At last Bénédicte understands her father’s night-time absences and why her mother never wanted to meet her in spite of the letters – and she also recognises her right to her own happiness.

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