Jon Reiss

Jon Reiss

Jonathan Reiss has written for, The Observer, Interview, Vol. 1 Brooklyn, Complex, Tablet, Brooklyn Based, The Source,, The Millions, and more. He lives in Brooklyn. Getting Off (Instar Books 2017) is his first novel.

Getting Off

Paperback, 224 pages (Instar Books / OR)

You can almost make just enough money to buy heroin every day by jacking off for people on the Internet.

This is America. That makes you an entrepreneur. But how do you stop being human? Is it possible? What if you can’t? What then? – In this relentless, heart-shattering first novel, Jonathan Reiss gently takes your hand and leads you on a grand insider’s tour of the nicest parts of hell, where giving up on everything is extremely
hard work.


“As soon as I read the first paragraph I knew I wasn’t going to be able to sleep till I’d finished. Because it was too real. Novels have endings, thank God.” —Stoya

“Getting Off is raunchy, sad, weird, smart, and riotously fun to read. Gross sex, drug shakes, LA, scary cults—what more can you ask for? Reiss has written a refreshingly dark book, with pretty much zero redemption for his characters but plenty of attention and love.” —Paula Bomer, author of Inside Madeleine

“Jonathan Reiss is a real rocket ship of a writer. Wild and sad, Getting Off pops with complicated worlds of internet sex, dreams, and loss. This is a book full of web cam hook-ups and people wanting to be fucked by the ocean. It’s a book asking you to show your chest and prove you’re not a cop, even though we all are. It’s a world where each internet site is called lonely. But this book will make it all different for you. You’ve needed this for a long time. Just put it in your veins.” —Scott McClanahan, author of The Incantations of Daniel Johnston

“Beautifully written, terribly sad, and frightfully funny. It’s an experience almost so painful that you can’t turn away from it, and it doesn’t let up until it’s finished. I loved it.” —Sean Bonnette, cofounder of AJJ

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