Axel Simon

Axel Simon

1962 in Dortmund. Grandson to a blacksmith,son of a shoemaker. Assistant producer at operas in Munich and Nice, contemporary music director, copywriter and creative director. Debut novel New-naw for Peter Sputnik (Rowohlt, 2009).

New-naw for Peter Sputnik

New-naw for Peter Sputnik

Rowohlt Berlin, 2008

«… a bewitchingly sparkling, singularly operating tittle in the sky, causing high spirits and the promise of more to come.»

«Coming from theatre and being an ex-advertiser Axel Simon has presented a splendid debut with this combination of heimat novel, t mit seiner Kombination aus Heimatroman, picaresque and world saving cinema: Abundant with eccentric characters and queer ideas, written with friendly irony, poetic tenderness and light-footed elegance. An enchanting debut.» (WDR)


Dream´s tickets. Novel.

Manuscript, 296 pp.

What, if we knew the exact time of our death beforehand?

Robert Dream does.

Dream´s tickets. Synopsis.

Manuscript, 296 pp.

Robert Dream, once quizmaster in lousy afternoon TV-programs, is living a dispassionate life. Until one day he runs into an inexplicable figure combination in his late uncle´s legacy. It doesn´t take long for him to realize it´s the exact hour of his uncle´s death.

Dream´s tickets. Excerpt

Axel Simon, Traums Zettel
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