Submission Guidelines

Please do note we´re specialized in literary fiction/general fiction. There´s genres you don´t even need to offer. Because we don´t sell them. Like Chick-Lit, Romance, Mystery & Suspense, Crime, Fantasy, Historical Fiction and other genre literature.


To find out whether your project goes with Partner + Propaganda, please do have a look at the agency´s profile and do read the terms of representation. After making sure your project fits the agency´s profile, please send a one-page query letter to

Don´t even think of sending your query by snail mail (better use the paper for drawing a nice picture and spend the postage on someone else). Please do not submit via phone – we´d only ask you to send it the above mentioned way, anyway. Please do not rely upon “to whom it may concern”, cause that way it may concern to none of us.

Handling time

Since we´re considering and answering every single submission (provided your query is in compliance with the submission guidelines, that is. If it´s not, you´ll not hear from us at all), it´ll most likely take 2-3 months til we get back to you.

Submit partial/full manuscript

Should your query hook us up, we´ll ask you to send a partial – preferably in old-fashioned doc-file, so we can read it paper-free and eco-friendly on our Kindle. In case your partial does keep your query´s promise, we´ll ask you to submit the full manuscript. Don´t worry if we don´t get back to you immediately, the pile is huge and we´re processing it in the order of appearance. So it might take 2-3 months until you´ll hear from us again. But you sure will.

Agency contract

Should we be convinced in equal measure by your manuscript and by our capability of selling it, we´ll offer you representation. Agency representation will cover: editorial support (debuts), development of log line/synopsis, entry on the agency website and rights list, submission process, negotiating the publishing contract (reserved rights, subsidiary rights, e-book royalties, advance payment, edition etc.), collecting and controlling royalties etc. The conditions of representation are spelled out in the agency´s contract.